Episode 29 “Continueity”

March 8, 2017

We had a full house this time as Kale (Devin), and Sean Sautter (artist friend we met at Phoenix Comicon) joined us for a couple hours of levity. 

Danny started the show with a funny (not so much for John) anticdote about an event that happened to John's car. 

We spoke about "The Last Jedi" and whether or not Jedi used in this context is plural or not, and our collective impressions of Star Wars post Disnification. We bought up "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back...again and how sometimes casting can make or break a movie..

Sean bought a Nintendo Switch and gave us his impressions and took questions.

John brought up the trends we have experienced from Hollywood over the last few decades and what our hopes for the next trend might be.

We talked a little bit about our time spent out at the Wuertz Hammer In before Brian wanted to talk phone apps.

Sean also told us a little bit about the children's book he is writing about bullying.

We discussed the Gen 2 update to Pokemon Go and what they could do to make the game be a little bit more enjoyable and decrease the chances of player number spikes.

As always, Helen brings the fun! This time the quiz is about sex. Do we know our stuff? Find out!

And Devin said "dodo" 


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