Aimless Adventure Podcast Episode 17, “Hearthstone, Gygax, and Movie Dream Teams”

October 13, 2016

Hiya Adventurers! We give our new format a second go and we really like it. Hopefully you do too! We had two returning guests, Danny and Brian!
Brian discusses Hearthstone, saving money, and his blowout sales.
Murph talks about Empire of Imagination, a biography of Gary Gygax. Murph also talks about his wife's weird dreams and asks us what our favorite GI Joe toy is.
Danny talks about car automation and how much is too much
John asks us all about our movie dream teams. He wants to know which actors, past or present, we would like to see in a movie together.


Aimless Adventure Podcast Ep. 16 “High Times at CES”

October 12, 2016

Greetings Adventurers! Hey! We changed things up a bit. Instead of you listening to us talk about the same friggin games we play week after week followed by news you don't care about, now we just sit around a table and jam! Every person is going to bring something to the table, and you may learn something you didn't know!
First and foremost, we had a very special guest this week, freelance writer Brian Penny. Brian is famous/infamous/anonymous(?) for whistleblowing at a major mortgage lender. He has since gone on to write for Huffington Post and High Times. Brian had media passes to the Consumer Electronics Expo, and he's going to tell us all about it!
Murph talks about collecting Transformers series 1, and the modern remake toys.
John wants to know how you decide what to collect.
Helen gives us all a quiz (Who won? You'll have to listen to find out!)
And Ryan talks about playing some games!


Aimless Adventures Podcast Ep. 15 “Hoov Loves Pie.. PewDiePie!”

October 11, 2016

Greetings Adventurers! This is our first episode of 2016! We're just getting back into the swing of things. We talk about what we played and watched over the Holiday and Hoov tells us how much he loves PewDiePie!
Current Adventures:
Josh- Star Wars, Ex Machina, Interstellar, Sword Art Online. Tomb Raider, FFXIII, Elite Dangerous (trying)
John- Scary Movie 5, Ridiculous 6, Star Wars, iZombie, Magic Rush: Heroes
Ryan-Star Wars. Turok Remaster, Metal Gear, Just Cause 3,
Terry- WWE 2K16
Murph- Fallout 4 (Level 93!!!)
Danny-Jessica Jones, Hateful 8, Roadkill (YouTube), Dakar Rally.

Journal Update
No Update

Possible Aimless Discussion Topics-
-Best things to happen in 2015?
-The things that made you shake your head in 2015?
-What are you looking forward to in 2016?

Possible Town Crier (News) Topics (No particular order):
-Retro VGS rebranded as Coleco Chameleon
-Hideo Kojima making Sony exclusive game (Andrew House lays down some sick Japanese)
-Kojima to enter hall of fame at DICE awards in Feb.
-Force Awakens breaks every box office record
-Oculus Rift $600! Controllers delayed until fall.
-FFIX coming to android/ios/pc
-PSN down with no explanation
-Steam Caching issue.
-The Steam sale (mystery puzzle?)
-Activision buys MLG
-Someone got Win 95 working on 3DS
-PS Plus Free Games for January 2016: PS4 Grim Fandango, Hardware: Rivals PS3 Dragon Age Origins, Medal of Honor Warfighter Vita Grim Fandango, Legends of War Patton, Nihilumbra
-Dat Deadpool Trailer. LOL
-Uncharted 4 delayed a month
-Next AC to be 2017 and set in Egypt.
-Martin Shkreli arrested


Star Wars The Force Awakens Spoilercast

October 10, 2016

The Aimless Adventure Crew (with a special guest) delves into the many theories and conspiracies surrounding Star Wars The Force Awakens. We also give our impressions and yes, we DO give away plot lines from the movie.


Aimless Adventure Podcast Ep. 14. The 2015 Finale!

October 9, 2016

This is the last installment of our official podcast for 2015. We can't put into words how happy and thankful we are that you guys have decided to join us on this adventure, and made this year so amazing! 
Current Adventures:
Hoov – Got a PS4. Battlefront and WWE.
Josh – FFXIV, Witcher 3, Battlefront, Fallout 4. Southpaw, San Andres, The Voice. Star Wars IV – VI. Anime (Chobits, Chivalry of a failed Knight)
Murph – Recent Toy Acquisitions. Fallout 4. Walking Dead Midseason Finale (disappointment)

Journal Update:
No Update

Aimless Discussion:
FanFest (John and Helen)
Best thing I/We’ve played this year.

-Hideo Kojima not allowed to participate in game awards. People have gone apeshit on Konami’s social media feeds.
-Minecraft to Wii U Dec 17 (Cell Phone built in Minecraft)
-Steam adds option to permanently delete games
-Witcher 3 2015 Game Awards GOTY
-Greg Miller’s trending gamer speech
-Telltale Batman game
-Batman V Superman Trailer
-Star Trek Beyond trailer at the Force Awakens
-Crystal Pepsi returning to store shelves in July
-Cyberpunk 2077 next year
-Wu Tang Album “Once upon a time in Shaolin” can legally be stolen back by the clan or Bill Murray.
-Star Citizen 2.0 out
-Eve changes name of ship browser from ISIS to Interbus


Aimless Adventure Podcast Ep. 13. “He’s like, This has 1000 ounces”

October 8, 2016

This episode was recorded on Wednesday.. Thanksgiving Eve! 
Journal Update:
Kicked Darius’ ass. Returned to Kindle Keep.

Aimless Discussion:
- Cognitive Dissonance in Games

- Suggested by Chris from the Facebook Group: Eve Online Fountain War book ($150K Goal, $38K raised). Fountain war made every news outlet and $300K in virtual ships and cargo destroyed
- Pornhub announced a drop in viewership due to Fallout 4 release
-Valkyria: Azure Revolution Announced
-Everquest (the original) releasing 22nd expansion. EQ2 releasing 12th.
-Retro City Rampage sequel to be 16 bit
-“Leon280698” updated Star Wars Republic Commando for modern pcs
-Kotaku whining about being blacklisted by Ubisoft and Bethesda. Claiming that reporting details in a script leak is a public service. (Tycho has no sympathy, and neither do other podcasts)


Guild Meeting Ep 8 “Black Friday”

October 7, 2016

This week, Josh, John, and Brian discuss the craziness that Black Friday" has become, as well as some other holiday knowledge nuggets


Aimless Adventure Podcast Ep 12 “If someone gives it to you, just donate it”

October 6, 2016

Welcome Adventurers! Aimless Adventure is going to be at the Phoenix ComicCon Fan Fest the first week of December! This week we talk about that big new release...You know the one...And Hoov talks about how much he LOVES THE MOVIE PIXELS! Seriously...He's the biggest fan out there...
Current Adventures:
Hoov - Pixels, American Horror Story
Helen - Candy Crush Saga, Tudors, Drunken History
Josh - Battlefront, Tales from the Borderlands, Star Wars Topps app. Great American Food Truck Race, Flash, Arrow, iZombie, Blindspot, Muppets, Wanting to watch Supergirl
EVERYONE PLAYS FALLOUT 4!!! (except Hoov...)
Journal Update:
Another week without one...But we're playing after the podcast...Tune in next week!
Aimless Discussion:
- Cosplay restrictions at Star Wars premiere.
- Close Releases of Games
- Black Friday
- Arkham Knight refunds through 12/31
- New Star Trek (Exclusive to CBS paid service)
- Overwatch to Consoles
- Japanese Star Wars Trailer
- Star probably doesn't have dyson sphere
- Weird Battlefront trailer with Anna Kendrick
- Steam Sale for Steam Machine Launch
- New XBox One UI
- New Zelda Footage
- Cloud coming to Smash Bros
- Saga bought by Activision
- Battlebots renewed


Guild Meeting Episode 7 “Sci-fi movies.

October 5, 2016

In this episode, we used a patent pending algorithm to compile the Aimless Adventure top 10 sci-fi movies of all time. We then added honorable mentions and argued about what is and isn't sci-fi.


Aimless Adventure Podcast Ep 11 “The Force is Like Diabetes, the Dark Side Skips a Generation”

October 4, 2016

Hail Adventurers! It's Halloween! If you catch us on YouTube you can catch John dressed as Schillling-Lies the Clown for this Episode. We had a light crew today for the Holiday, but the show must go on! We discussed what we're playing and watching, the Playboy rebranding, the new Star Wars Trailer, and finished up with geek news!
Current Adventures:
Murph: Murph got a PS4! The Elder Scrolls online has consumed his life, and he's found a little time for Mad Max.
John: The Elder Scrolls Online, Madden
Ryan: Far Cry 3 and Starcraft 2
Josh: Watching: iZombie, Flash, Arrow, Blindspot, Marvel Agents of Shield, the Martian, Narcos. Playing: Battlefront, Tales from the Borderlands, Witcher 3, Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition
No Journal Update this week.
Aimless Discussion:
The Playboy rebranding controversy.
The new Star Wars Trailer.