Episode 27 “8 guys not working because of one f*****g loser!”

January 26, 2017

First podcast episode of 2017!

Hoov (call in) talks about how horrible Death Race 2050 really is, but we discuss 2017 movie releases that are tickiling our collective fancies. Hoov also reveals the Aimless Adventure Podcast Facebook group's favorite wrestler of all time.

Danny talks about vehicles that are nearing the end of production, but also about some revamped classics.

John discusses the Phoenix Comicon controversy concerning volunteers and the Blue Ribbon Army.

Bryan talks sbout a new show he just started watching.. "Hunted" on CBS and we all jump in with what we've been watching as well.

Helen's game this time was  "This or That" and if you needed another way to find a little bit more about us... Here ya go!

We sincerly thank you for the listen and hope you enjoy!


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